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Default Re: whats so great about a motorized bicycle?

The WEIGHT of it! What else well-under 50 pounds can get you around town and all over the place at thirty- plus mph, that is soo lightweight and convenient otherwise. A scooter seems big and heavy by comparison, a motorcycle may be faster but weighs a ton, for so little more actually.

In fact, as a former racing cyclist- I built my bikes with weight and roll foremost in mind- my bikes pedal BETTER than a lot of other peoples regular bikes , and that leads me to another reason:

COASTING! The ROLL after getting up to power- I like to kill the motor and suddenly I'm cycling, not motoring. These things roll forever and silently, but iot's like someone gave you a great big push. Seems like old times without stressing the old body terribly.

A motorized bike is what the world needs now!
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