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Default Re: whats so great about a motorized bicycle?

i remember collecting pop bottles,cutting grass,delivering newspapers,raking lawns-yes back in the day people actually used rakes on their lawns and my big paydays-tilling the neighborhood gardens with dads rototiller.i'd push it down the back lane in the spring and start tilling,i think dad let me do it to get me out of his hair.
used to make lots of cash in spring and fall.

we used the scavenged gas motors to build go-carts that wouldnt go ten feet without breaking.
all our parents on the block canned the gas motor little go cart fire and everybody freaks out...

the thought of having my own gas bike didnt occur to me until-last april.
i'm starting my second build.

lots of people ask why a motor,arent bikes made for exercise?
i said i pedal it to start,put my foot down to stop.isnt that enough?
and of course,it beats sitting on the couch.....

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