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Default Re: whats so great about a motorized bicycle?

People dont ask me what I like about it so much, but they ask the usual questions. Where do you get an engine/kit and how much does it cost? How fast does it go? How many miles a gallon? For me, being able to take something that I put together with my own two hands and drive it around at a cost of $0.05/mi, that gives me a greater sense of accomplishment than I could ever put into words. THAT is what's so great about a motorized bike to me. Not to mention that feeling of freedom I get when I'm out on the road, and the ability to go anywhere I want, any time I want. I think of it as a homebuilt motorcycle. I have never driven a "real" motorcycle, so I have no comparison to ruin my perception (or delusion, lol). But knowing that the first motorcycles were probably not much faster than my bike and even less efficient when you consider the size of the engines and their output (at one time 500cc would net you about 5hp). So its perfectly reasonable to me to think of my bike as a very low powered homemade motorcycle.
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