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Default Re: whats so great about a motorized bicycle?

[QUOTE=ckangaroo70;417200][QUOTE=motorhedfred;417178] I got a speedometer from saving my allowance and returning soda bottles for refund*

That was like gold prospecting around my neighborhood. Finding empty pop bottles after school during the week meant saturday morning was "loser pay" pool and pinball at the pool hall.LOL
I was pretty rough on my bikes as a kid as pop bottles paid for several parts that I couldn't find in the local junk ditch.
Wow ckangaroo70, you surprise me. I thought it was only called "pop" here in northern Ohio....that's why I called it "soda" so everyone would know what I was talking about.

My mom and dad used to go out dancing on saturday nights and they would buy pop and chips and maybe a pizza for us kids and the babysitter when they went out. My sisters never wanted to bother taking the bottles back because the guy at the carry-out was "creepy".

I would load them in the Radio Flyer, tie the handle to my seat post with a piece of clothes line (again, those under 30, ask your parents), and off I'd go. Sometimes, it would take two trips to redeem them all. I had all the uneven sidewalk pavers memorized and would pedal and weave my way to payday......those were the bills, no mortgage, no prick bosses, no health problems....sigh*

I'm hoping that when I finally get one motored up, I'll feel the same way I did back then.

A stopped machine is like an un-eaten sandwich. It might look really good, but you canít get full enjoyment until you use it like it was meant to be used. So eat your sandwich, and ride your bike!
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