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Default Re: whats so great about a motorized bicycle?

I remember getting a red 24" Sears tanker for Christmas when I was about 7. I loved that bike.

My next birthday I got a plastic "realistic sounding" faux engine for it and thought I was the B.M.O.T.P (big man on the playground) because everyone else was using thier Mickey Mantle or Willie Mays rookie cards in thier spokes.

The next year (the bike was getting a bit worn by then) I got a speedometer from saving my allowance and returning soda bottles for refund* (those of you under 30, ask your parents about that). I promptly headed for the long hill south of my house to see how fast I could go. I got up to an indicated 45 MPH with the handlebars shimmying like crazy and fenders rattling.

Through all of this, I was wondering how to appropriate and mount the 3 horse Briggs from my dad's gas powered reel mower on it. Half a century later, I'm finally getting there.

*$.02 for 12 oz. and $.05 for the quart size.

A stopped machine is like an un-eaten sandwich. It might look really good, but you canít get full enjoyment until you use it like it was meant to be used. So eat your sandwich, and ride your bike!
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