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Default Re: New Harley Davidson Bicycle

Originally Posted by motorhedfred View Post
Lordy ! I wonder if the manufacturer sells replacment fenders for these. Probably "limited edition" must supply "proof of ownership" or a "serial number" because Willie G doesn't want anyone cloning it and diluting the "collector value".

I swear Willie G could pick up his dog's turds from the front yard, number them, put 'em in a orange and black box with the bar and shield logo and people would line up to buy them.

Yeah, I've got a pet peeve about the whole HD culture. My apologies to HD owners...the ones around here are rather smug.
I feel much the same way. most harley owners now are people suffering from a cheating wife and a mid life crisis. people always get mad at me when i tell them their china glides suck. if a magnet doesnt stick to the motor, it isnt for me.
that effin moon kid

LabRat that golden pos ya got with the homescooled monarks

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