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Default Re: These guys aren't lying...

Ive been riding my bike now for a week. I knew nothing of engines really, I am certified up the wazoo with computers and networking etc, but that is a whole different ball game obviously. I learned tons. It was fun to learn and apply what little I knew to this. I watched a ton of instructional videos and basic animations of 2 stroke engines and made a effort to understand what every screw, nut, gear, and bolt was for.

I still think my engine will blow up in my crotch, but... so far so good... *fingers crossd*

I have gone maybe 100 clicks so far, engine almost broken in. Replaced some of the cheap crap it came with like chain tensioner idle wheel that fell off first 20 km I went. ( replaced with a idler from a bearings shop that I belive are for lawnmowers, but its all metal, not palstic).
My idler screw came out someplac, replaced it with a similar screw from hardware store and a spring from a pen ( works wonderfully). This place was a haven for learning and information. Was fun learning, and frustrating at times... but worth it!!!

Now I am at th point I have to buy this grease, and that spray, and tese bolts, and those gaskets, and this that blah blah blah lol....

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