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Default Re: whats so great about a motorized bicycle?

I think it is just one of those "ya get it or you don't" things. But no one comes back from a ride without a ear to ear grin.

I can remember sitting next to my one speed, very heavy Schwinn, taking a break when I was 8 yrs old. I was in awe of that bike. It was just cool. Sitting there staring at the chain ring and wondering how to put a motor on it. 30 yrs later and shopping online for a bicycle, I saw a CG add. Was in love, hooked and buying one right then and there. For me, it was a fruition of a childhood dream. Then all the stuff I had no idea would come with it. The lessons in mechanics, math, physics and that all came with you guys.

Functional art that is all your own.

That feeling the first time you ride your first build. It's like flying down that hill.

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