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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I hate it too, especially because of the whole energy-deficit business. If you don't know, we burn more gas producing the ethanol we use to replace some of our gas.

It's like the crappy regulations that force a diesel Subaru that should get 88+mpg to get only 35+... "Lets burn twice as much gas so that the gas we burn puts out 15% less CO2!"

As bad as the regulations that mean we can still manufacture DDT, just as long as we sell it to Mexico... despite the fact that it's still killing bald eagles, penguins, and all tertiary-consumer egg-laying mammals in the world.

Dodge_dude, I agree, the NGK plug made a noticeable difference. I doubted it, but it's definitely very nice =)

Heading to Autozone because after calling around, they're the only ones who sell Thermosteel. (like JB-weld, but strengthens with heat up to 2,400F) I don't have a torch so I can't braze my pipes to my SBP chamber, but hopefully in 24 hours of curing they'll be ready to rumble!

I thank the engineers who made such a wonderful compound for folks like me that are far away from tools and workspace. =)

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