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Default Re: These guys aren't lying...

Originally Posted by CroMagnum View Post
I cringe every time I see someone post something like "I know nothing about engines" or "I need to have someone build it for me" because you know they're going to have nothing but trouble, and every little problem is going to morph into a Hurricane Katrina-sized catastrophe.

He may be new to MBs, but obviously frogbiscuit can turn a wrench and read instructions. So even though he was working with the usual marginal hardware, he was successful in getting it running.

This is something I see sadly lacking here - a warning to newbies that unless you can fix your own bicycle and at least do some of the maintenance on your car, then motorized bicycles aren't for you. Without some mechanical abilities you're going to be stuck with a pile of junk and nothing to do but post that BGF/Luckyearlybird/BikeBerry/etc. are nothing but crooks. No, they're not crooks, they're just selling the same cheap crap that everyone sells.

Basically, if you can't fix your own lawn mower, don't try to build a motorized bike.
Cro, I tend to agree on several levels, nevertheless, this forum was created and established in an effort to help those who need help. Yes, I agree that there is a percentage out there who would be well advised to take up stamp collecting as a hobby and leave the mechanical things to someone else. However, there are also those who, with our help, advice and guidance might just get a bike going and learn a lot along the way.
A mechanical aptitude will go a long way towards building a successful motorized bicycle but if a person, even if he's never picked up a wrench in his life, but has the want and desire to have one, should be offered the guidence available here to see his goal through.

I read posts here daily and some of them make me want to reply with, "don't even think about it" but then I read other posts from members who sounded totally inept in their earlier posts but who are now onto their second and third bikes, all because someone here took the time and effort to offer instruction that allowed the guy to accomplish successfully what he set out to do. And isn't that why we're here?

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