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Default Newbe in St.louis, Mo.

I just hello and thank you to everyone. I just finished my 4th build. Finally became a member. This last build is the ugliest, unpainted,under budget,and the fast one yet. One freind gave a pile of bike parts for this build. Another Huffy Cruiser Cracked frame, bars ,wheels. One my other buddys that rolls with us did the welding my repairs . My first motor kit I got off e-bay and we all know who I got that from. It locked up before I got off the block. So it went in the bottom drawer until one buddys gave a use jug and a PK-80 bottom end that had a split c So I took the rear bearings and poped the cap off and putum up front, use my first clutch shaft and those rear bearing in the rear with my first casing.all together. I'm a big guy 280 lb.s running a 41 tooth sprocket, 40:1mix AMSOIL, DAX carb, DAX Bannana Chamber, ran 39mph @7950rpm.s . O , I also have a TTO tach on it . THANKS AGAIN FOR LETTING ME COME TO CLASS.
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