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Wink Re: Easy Rider Gas Tank

Originally Posted by CR500AF View Post
thats a really good deal. the hard part about power coating is you have to to get the item to bare metal, witch is not to hard for lower end bicyclys ie strippers but with good pant it can be a out right cazy to do. with my cr500af the frame was easy to polish day 1 wet sand 400 day 2 800 day 3 1500 day 4 geen day 5 bule polish and it was better then chrome but not as hard of a tone to it how ever the swing arm had some kinda coating that no sovent, even hemptane,no stippper,no acid 33%hcl or base lye would take it off, i had to glass bead it for about 5 hours to get it off and that made it really hard to polish

anyways spraying the power and bakeing it is something a 8 year old girl could do but preping it can be easy or days of work.

at my work to get my tank done it would be about few hours at 100.99$ an hour so around 350-400$ and to power coat a bike frame it would be about 2 hours + powerder witch is CHEAP so about 230$

right now im playing with the idea this winter to build a 1500cc 6 cyclinder two stroke chopper using 2 kawie H2 engines and getting a extar 2ed cyclinder case and using it to spline the 2 canks togetter in the in side so it would be a in line 6 two stoke then using 6 cr250 fmf pipes and winde them throw the frame.

hears some pictures of my cr500 af

i won't post finsihed pics for legal reasons (ilke to run a lot and only my self and my boss now what my bike looks like) even my boss dose not have know what deacls my bike has right now, it spends it life coverd till i want to cause ....................

its a 2002 cr 125 frame with a 1986 cr500 engine in it
And it's very chiney, like a mirror! Nice job.
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