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Default Re: Motorized black mamba roadster project in Kenya

Just an update.

The bike rides and I've ridden it for about 50km so far.

Just want to post some pictures of the homemade carburetor solution I made. The stock NT carburetor is such bad design, the part that connects to the manifold anyways.

Having no spare carburetors in Kenya and most sites not shipping to Africa meant I had to come up with a solution myself.

I welded a clamp that clamps behind the carburetor and connects to the manifold. I put a rubber gasket in between to prevent any air from escaping. I also have a fiber gasket, but the black rubber one seems better. Anyone have any advise on what gasket to use? More people should be having problems with their carburetor/manifold connection I imagine. Some pics of my carburetor solution.

I put the needle ring to leaner, but still as soon as I disengage the engine it revs much higher than when it is engaged. Any ideas on this?

Here's a photo of the finished bike in the sun.

What's left is the chain guard, and a better kill switch.

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