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Default Re: Can this type of frame be motorize

Originally Posted by dracothered View Post
Why couldn't you put a two stroke kit on it?
I didn't say he couldn't, I said he shouldn't.
The only purpose to use a far less structurally sound girls bike frame opposed to a men's triangle frame bike is it is easy step though and putting a motor there would defeat the purpose.

Granted I'd bet I could mount an electric in it like my Electric Caddy but put the motor between the two bars and just mount the battery and controller on the back rack so you could still step through and mount it easy but put a $1200+ kit on a way old $50 bike?
Unless you have gobs of money and it has a sentential meaning I just don't see the point.

In short, if you just want to make a bike that will go for cheap and easy start with a mens bike frame, or if you really want that bike just put on a rack mount motor is all.
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