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Talking Re: Noob attempts a Felt MP build: Have mercy on me.

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Not crazy at all Mike.

What I have been thinking is a starter motor from a car just to assist with off the line starts for stop lights.
Exactly! An electric hub is even easier. It simply looks like a normal bike hub on steroids. The only problem is there are 2 types of hubs, geared and direct drive. Both have there advantages and disadvantages but I don't know how either will or will not work with a gas engine bike.

I replaced 24x3 rear tire with a 24x2.125 and my chain rubbing issues are solved. Also switched my 56 tooth rear sprocket for a 68 tooth so I can climb hills. I snapped 2 bolts in half on my motor mount and the new mount comes tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be finished with the gas portion of my bike. I have run out of issues to deal with after 2 months. I never thought this day would come, but it finally has. LOL
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