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You can replace your chain with a motorcycle 415HS chain or better quality. You can easily get this from motorcycle shops. You will need 2 of these, because 1 would be too short. You'll also need a chain breaker for this. You can also use the half-link BMX high tensile chain. The good BMX chains have a tensile strength of 1300 kg to 1500 kg, which I think is more than enough for the power of the engine. YBN (a.k.a. Yaban) BMX chain seems to be good, light, and very slippery. Good for high speed rotations. You can also try Wippermann Connex 1G8 Nickel Plated BMX Chain. Maybe you can get it from online bicycle shops or your local bicycle shops. It can sometimes be a great challenge finding parts like these. Also, get a good lubrication oil specific for chains. Do not use WD-40. I usually combine graphite powder lubrication with chain oil, because even if the oil dries out, there's still the powder lubrication. Also, it keeps the clearances in the chain, and tends to tighten your chain without affecting lubrication.
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