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Default first build, to much went wrong.

Im 16, and i purchased my engine about a week ago. I got it from a local dealer about 20 min from my house. I payed 250 I decided that ill pay a few bucks extra and help out a local small buisness. I got roaring to go even took a time lapse. if i can upload it to this thread i will. but anyway I had a little trouble fitting the sprocket onto the coaser brake but after much struggle i got it on. the mounting of the engine was a breeze, my friend who had converted his bike about a month before me was of great help. He put together the carb and put on the handle grips. when that was done the next morning i put on the chain and i thought i was perfect. i took it on the first run and the chain was walking itself off of the rear sprocket, after much frustration i called my dealer and we came to the conclusion that my sprocket was on backwards. i flipped it around again i thought i was roaring to go! but yet again the bike devil said no. i got it to run for the first time, a very gratifing sound. braking, when i pushed my pedals backward i would stop. but when i started to move forward again the clutch would not disengage the shoes and locked up the wheel. then because it was locked up the axle on the rear hub would spin as the wheel did. it would then walk itself down the axle holder you could say. it would then disaline the wheel and throw it into the drive chain. having to walk a bike home with a locked up rear wheel pissed me off even more. i scowered the internet to see how to convert a coaster hub to a freewheel. it was all BMX guys that said that it is very unreliable. i said screw it and went and got a free-wheel from wheel and sprocket i also got a brake. brought it home and switched over the sprocket and put it on the wheel was a refreshing step up from the coaster brake. i then had to go and get a freewheel for it. once i came home got it on and tried to put the front brake but the brake pads didnt reach the rims. I returned that when i went to get the freewheel. i looked on my dealers website and she had a cruiser brake that i was very anxious to get. i go over there the next day and pick it up and when i got it home i was very exited to put it on. it fit and i thought i was roaring to go! i get it to run for and me and my buddy go for a 15 min cruise. i get home and realize that when i stoped the wheel would pull the brake pads forward and rub them against the wheel. thats what the dark line on the front tire is. i found the problem was the arms were not bending but wiggling in their housing. i tried to tighten the front nut but as i went for the second half turn the nut sheared itself from the onther end of the bolt. i called her up quite frustrated and she alowed me to return it from her, which i am very thankful for. i then went back to wheel and sprocket to get an idea for what kind of break i would need. i basicly got the door shut in my face by the service center. they were very angry at me and scolded me for 'ruining' a perfectly good beach cruiser. they said they would not touch my bike and there is nothing that would be able to stop the bike because it has to much power. i will never be going back to that store again. i brought it home and after tons of thinking about what i can do and searching this forum i found a full brake asembly that is welded to one of my old bike that i have. i am going to cut that off and take it to a buddy of mine and have him TIG the whole assembly to the front of the bike, which i pray will be the final endevour in the brakes of the bike that i will need to do. i will post pictures of whats up with the bike. thanks for reading my troubles, enjoy the pictures. and sorry i wrote a novel
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