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Default Re: The best way to 40+mph

Hmmmm....A low priced / high speed setup?......I'd try a "80 cc" HT , 27T rear sprocket (I've sold quite a few to FL people like yourself), and possibly a Power Pipe.....

I am running a 36T in hilly VA and can reach 34.4 MPH but I am at 6400 RPM (not good for sustained running in my opinion)....So the smaller sprocket should help immensely with RPM's....

You should be able to get 40 MPH with that setup...

Good Luck and please be safe!


PS - Let us know what you end up with and how it did
- A shifter kit would be good too BUT you said you wanted to try to do
it on a budget.
- of course other mods like shaving the head etc... could be done too