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Default My first run in with rain... Turned out pretty good!

So i was at wally world today and while inside it rained. Wet air filter sucks, in an attempt to dry it out i broke the filter trying to take it off the carb. Now im running with a makeshift pantyhose filter hahah and it runs like a beast! Finally got the cns v3 carb to lean out a bit with the less restrictive pantyhose and it kills. No fourstroking anywhere. Adjusted the air mix screw and did a plug chop to be sure i wasnt gonna blow the motor up. Im running a grubee gt5 with the newest cns carb. Funny thing is i just ordered the rt carb from thatsdax ten minutes before the wally world trip. Hope it preforms better than the broke cns! I also changed the plug to an autolite knock off of an nkg iridium. Its a little longer i checked for piston clearence and i swear ive got higher compression and better low end as well. Love it when a bad day turns into a suprise good one!
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