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Default Re: The best way to 40+mph

I think that 40 is a little too fast for most bikes. I have hit 42 mph once on my Comfort bike. I did this riding no hands !!! Just kidding. I actually had a death grip on the bars. I have been to 60 plus mph on my Mazi Road bike. It felt good. But again. this is a very nice very expensive road bike. It will do 60mph and more down a good hill. It is a fast great handling road bike and built for speed , curves, and will stop on a dime. Only weighs around 18-19 lbs. But.. I would never put a motor on my road bike for lots of reasons. 99.9 percent of us put our little motors on Mountain bikes, Comfort bikes, and Cruisers. Bikes such as these could get you hurt real bad if not killed when going 40+ miles per hour. Once you get above 30mph on one of these style bikes, you are taking a real risk. They just were not made for speed. There are some full suspension bikes that you could safely go 40-50 mph. These bikes run huge 29 inch tires and cost 3000-4000 dollars. My point being.. If you want to cruise 40mph, you are asking too much out of most of the affordable bikes out there. And.. If the cops catch you going that fast, you could be arrested I would think. Next time you are going 30-35 mph, stick your head out of the window of your car. You will see that 30mph or so is really fast. Faster than you would want to fall anyway. If you want to run a Walmart Mongoose 40 mph or so, then you have a death wish for sure. A mongoose? Yikes !!! Don't do it !!! That way you can.. Enjoy the ride...

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