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First thing is that your rear sprocket should be aligned with the hub to make it center as possible. Sometimes there's a gap of about 2mm between the hub and the center hole of the rear sprocket. Try to put a spacer in the center hole to fit the hub as tight as possible. I use a nylon hose slit lengthwise and place it in the center of the sprocket to act as a spacer. After you have centered the rear sprocket, tighten the nuts opposite nuts at a time to properly seat your sprocket on the hub. For the chain, I usually cut the chain as short as possible then the tensioner at it's lowest adjustment and move the tensioner along the frame to attain correct chain tension. Then check the drive sprocket in the engine, sometimes the nut gets loose. Put washers on either side of the hub to attain the correct chain alignment. Hope this helps. :-)
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