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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by guttermonkiey8467 View Post
do you have pics of your axle
no, I havn't had too much exp fixing bikes the last 6 years. When I got it the lock nuts for the bearings to keep the hub from flopping on the axle was loose, I figured that out but they were too tight and it'd spin and stop. I fixed that rode 25 mi or so and as my last post said I was walking it and then bout to ride and it stopped like their too tight. I did find one outer nut that tightens on the frame to the axle was loose, tightened it when the wheel was spinning but it locked again. I'm going to try to loosen them but otherwise someone else suggested in the shoutbox the bearing races and such are probably damaged from the bent axle. Also my spokes are loosening up bad I thought they were snapping at one point lolol.
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