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Default Re: Wondering about how to cope w/ traffic?

Originally Posted by bigbutterbean View Post
DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT! tighten the throttle cap with ANY tools. you will make the barrel go out of round and the throttle slide will get stuck. I used to tighten the cap with pliers on my first carb, and my throttle slide got stuck at the top of the barrel. I had another carb, and I had to build a new carb out of parts. luckily they were both the same exact carb. just some friendly advice brother. only tighten that by hand.
oh! Well, I never tightened it more than about 1/8th inch past hand-tight, so I'm probably good. I haven't had issues with the throttle slide sticking yet. Might use some threadlocker on it then, because this is the 2nd time it's come loose!

Sorry for going offtopic... again... it just came up. I guess I just had to rant about everything so that I felt like you guys shared in my frustration ;-) Road rage, loose parts, bleh!
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