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Default Re: Wondering about how to cope w/ traffic?

Originally Posted by xenodius View Post
I'd like this set of horns:


Funny how right after I post her and say that I've never had any bad traffic experiences here, it happens. Guy pulled up right behind me at a stop-- not one foot away from my rear tire-- gunned his SUV and honked repeatedly, rolled down his window, leaned out, threw some F-bombs and asked where the hooey my license was, yelling at me to get off the road. I was doing 33 in a 35, keeping to the shoulder... if he was in a sedan he could have passed me. And of course it was right after that my entire left pedal crank just fell off, forcing me to comply. See, someone tried to steal my bike this morning, and though they failed (12lb, 1" hardened steel chain.) they somehow busted my left crank arm off. I made the mistake of riding it immediately after retightening/loctiting it.

off-topic, but to top it all off the top of my NT carb needle sleeve cap unscrewed itself, creating an air leak (didn't have pliers with me to tighten it) and my right chainguard fell off after I retightened the crank for the ride home. It's been so good for so long, and then in one day, things just start falling off of it! I blame bike thieves. Wish I got a plate number on his truck. Eventually after I fix EVERYTHING that breaks, I'll know that everything is reliable =)
DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT! tighten the throttle cap with ANY tools. you will make the barrel go out of round and the throttle slide will get stuck. I used to tighten the cap with pliers on my first carb, and my throttle slide got stuck at the top of the barrel. I had another carb, and I had to build a new carb out of parts. luckily they were both the same exact carb. just some friendly advice brother. only tighten that by hand.
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