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Default Re: Wondering about how to cope w/ traffic?

Maybe I just have good peripheral vision, but I can't imagine trying to use bar mirrors. I've yet to find a set of bar mirrors for a light vehicle like a bike that is steady enough to use without intense scrutiny. I'd rather glance over my shoulder every once in a while.

Either way, they mindset is the same... I act like the people behind me, in front of me, merging, and parking and anything are all oblivious. Eventually one of them will be.

Had a bit of a laugh the other day when a very, VERY nice BMW crotch-rocket was riding by me in a 35... for 4 miles, we each went exactly the speed limit =)

I had a hard time coping with traffic even in a bike-friendly city, but with a 36t sprocket, NGK plug, nonrestrictive exhaust (x-chamber comes tomorrow!) and decent hubs, I found the performance I was looking for and now I can keep up with traffic just fine. In fact, I have enough torque that I pass most vehicles from a stop. And I'm messing with a friction clutch without slipping it! =) Hopefully I'll get even better performance with a shift-kit and NuVinci hub, that's next summer's project =)

There'll always be some people that want to pass you because you look slow.
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