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Default Re: Wondering about how to cope w/ traffic?

Originally Posted by killercanuck View Post
Lol baird and 3B! Yea, at least a left side mirror for sure to see what's coming up on you. When I'm at a light and some cager yells obscenities, "nice helmet", or if they just laugh, I like to say "I've got maybe $500 tied up to get over 120mpg, what's that thing get for what it cost?" They change their tune pretty quick, heh heh.

Ride safe.

I was just toying with my engines pull start and had a crowd of people outside a friends apartment trying to offer me 100 LOL. I laughed at their pitty offers and told them I'd rather give it away to someone who'd enjoy it then sell it to a ****** bag for 100 because it don't start. Then as they walked off I fired it up and as they look back thinking maybe they should offer alil more I gave them the birds .

but man I've never had people yell or honk, one guy when I stopped for a smoke came to down talk me like a dad. He was parked where he shouldn't of been, and I was coming from the bike side and had to swoop out as he opened his door. Sure I'd of face planted and ripped his car door off, but I'd of got a nice insurance claim. Didn't tell him though, let him run his course.

Sometimes it's best to just keep a light mind on what others say.
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