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Default Re: Hiding Electronics on a Felt Canvas (Work in Progress)

nice to see someone putting my ideas to good use...

i don't run kill switches, so i remove the white wire completely. and i use different throttles, so i get rid of all that mess. some kill switches don't use the white wire anyway, so you can just un-solder it and forget it.

if you are gonna run the kill switch on the throttle, you can cut all that cheap black plastic wire covering off and heat shrink it all the way. get some of the smallest zip ties you can so they're not as noticeable. you should be able to find some that match the color of your bike, too.

some cdi's have longer blue and black wires than others. if yours are long enough, you can un-solder the blue wire on the magneto and re-solder the cdi right in, and put a new lug on the black ground coming from the cdi.

if they're not long enough and you have to solder them together, stagger them. i mean, cut the blue one an inch shorter than the black on the engine, and an inch longer on the cdi. that way, when you solder them together, they're not on top of each other and they don't make one big lump.

get two sizes of heat shrink. one for each individual wire where you soldered them, and bigger stuff to go over both wires.

the hard part is heat shrinking the whole thing without missing a spot.

my method is;

cut a few small sections first, about 2". slide those over both wires to the cdi and shrink them on.

then, pull that white cloth wire cover and the rubber grommet off the engine, and slide another piece of heat shrink over both wires as far as it'll go, then shrink that, too.

put the rubber grommet back on and slide it up as far as you can.

take two more short pieces and slide them up over the part you already shrank, and squish it up as far as you can. don't shrink it yet!

add a small piece of single wire shrink to each wire, then solder your wires tigether.

shrink the small stuff over your staggered connections, shrink it, the slide one big piece down, shrink it, then the other.

if you did it right, the big pieces overlap, there's no ugly solder lump, and you didn't miss a spot.

it's a lot of work for something no one will ever notice, but that's the point. everyone notices an ugly black box with a mess of wires curled up and ziptied to your downtube in plain sight, but no one even knows you have a cdi when it's hidden...

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