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Default Re: Trying to start my first build

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
Drag racing is a dangerous sport, bummer you got hurt but I can relate, I haven't treated my body to well these last 43 years on Monday so I find simple and easy the best.

Look into electrics.
A flick of the switch and it goes with no pedaling and you can tuck the whole thing in even in the smallest cavity with a little effort but some planing.

They are expensive but like you I can't go pedal myself around especially in 115F Phoenix heat when the wife has the car.
I was looking at doing an E-machine, but sadly the battery pack would be more then I could afford right now. It wasn't the drag car that hurt me oddly enough it was me trying to be a skater back in the early 90's, wood and knee caps are a bad thing I have learned lol. I think I will be doing a friction bike for now as I have seen how to adjust them a bit more and, when the budget lets me, I can convert that into an E-friction bike.

And George that is the same one minus that awful tan seat, I "borrowed" one that was black from a neighboring bike before I left the store. Those quick releases sure make it easier to get the right seat I tell ya.

The one thing with a friction drive I do not fully understand is the size of the roller, does the size actually matter as much or is it all relative? I know that in chain drive that drive sprocket is normally a smaller tooth count then the wheel for speed and climbing power, but the roller size eludes me as to its effectiveness. On ward to google for me!
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