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Default Re: Trying to start my first build

Originally Posted by Somegasnut View Post
II keep running into the problem of what one to put on my bike.

...given my limited space on the bike frame will not be going this route. I believe the 4 stroke engine is where I will be going for my build.

Mostly I am doing this as I like to ride my bike, but sadly age has done a number to my knees and long enjoyable rides are hard on me now. I want it just to cruise and enjoy the ride as my need to go fast days are well behind me (near 200 mph in a drag car that threw a drive shaft scared me enough lol). for one night, be well be safe, but most importantly have fun!
Drag racing is a dangerous sport, bummer you got hurt but I can relate, I haven't treated my body to well these last 43 years on Monday so I find simple and easy the best.

Look into electrics.
A flick of the switch and it goes with no pedaling and you can tuck the whole thing in even in the smallest cavity with a little effort but some planing.

They are expensive but like you I can't go pedal myself around especially in 115F Phoenix heat when the wife has the car.
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