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Default Re: Anyone tried this wider port China Girl?

I can only relate what I've tried and heard here- you'd probably get more power out of a NT Speed carb, and they seem to be more reliable with less tinkering- just judging from the many posts I see about CNS or others. Of course, someone who knows what they are doing there may disagree- but still they've had several generations of them. I've seen videos on youtube though and they can really scream- I wonder how well the motors last with that kind of revving.

The billet as well would probably give you more, whatever carb you choose- if the motor's fairly level- I have one at about 20 degrees tilt with a Speed carb and it doesn't seem to detract from the run.

I'm getting an easy 25, and a solid 30 out of my 66- above that I think the motor sounds over-revved a bit- would probably go 35 maybe a bit over- I don't need to and in my late 50's I don;t want to fall or crash- 34 sprock, with Speed and billet- and the analogue speedo may run an mph or two slow with the 27" wheels. But it runs and runs and very smooth.
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