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Default Wondering about how to cope w/ traffic?

I just put a 66cc motor in my specialized hard rock mountain bike... I've only been running it on a 25 mph road and I have been yelled at, given the stink eye, and I've been 'buzzed' a couple times. Only the police cars seem to be tolerant. I'm a motorcycle rider so I know how to drive this little bike safely (I even put turn signals and a brake light on it) but I've never seen so much instant negative attention. Are there any steps anyone out there has taken to reduce this?

Jon from Virginia Beach, VA

PS: I think I've had more fun riding this bike than I have my motorcycles. The cheapness of the parts, 30lb weight, and amount of customizability is fantastic! I only got 22 mph with a 44 tooth direct drive but I have a sick bike parts shift kit on order... I can't wait! An automotive electric supercharger, a decent excuse for a carburetor and a tail pipe that doesn't self eject its parts might help to lol
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