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Originally Posted by 4jkeller View Post
Okay I found out it aluminum.
Thanks this forum just saved me time and money.
gota love it
Just food for thought, Jeff, but there are many successful aluminum bikes around. There's plenty to read also. Use keyords 'aluminum frame' in the Google Custom Search and you'll have a lot to read and consider. The big advantage to a steel frame is the fact that most novice welders can do their own welding, if the need arises whereby if the frame is aluminum it takes some skills/equipment that most don't have.

Personally I prefer steel frames because I do custom work such as engine mounts and modifications that are much easier due to my lack of skill at welding aluminum.

As I said, do some reading and decide for yourself. You can also research the bike by name here. It's not an uncommon choice.
Good luck, keep us posted on your progress.

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