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Default Re: Ask a specific question

Ok. You got gas in the engine and a good spark. correct? Here is the only thing left I can think of now. Pull off the cover on your ignition coil. You will also need to take off the clutch cover. stuff a rag in the gears and unscrew the nut on the magnets/coil side of your ignition side. I'm thinking if you got spark but it won't fire and fuel and no fire then you might have the magnets rotor put on wrong by the factory. could be the key on the shaft is missing causing it to be out of time firing with the piston on the bottom of the stroke and not toward the top of the power stroke. Do you understand there should be a small metal key to keep the magnet/rotor from slipping on the shaft. Right off I don't know if a guy can put it on wrong and get it out of time . that's the only thing I can now think of that's causing the engine not to run. If you want to send me it you pay for shipping and only parts it takes to get it to run. I'm not out to rip you off I just want you to be able to enjoy your bike like the rest of us get to do. Try what I suggested and if it don't work my offer to help you out stands. Let me know. If Kings will trade out engines that might be your best choise and I now see you pulled off the magnet/rotor so all my ideas went out the window. I sure would take off the kill switch as well some thing is bittin you in the arse on this one. Is your fuel mix 20 parts gas to 1 part oil like 20 oz.gas 1 oz. oil. Heck you said you play with ultralights so you must know how to mix fuel. Deacon might be right that engine just might be cursed. But I think something we all are missing or miscommunicating and thats the problem I can't get my tongs on it for a little visit and a good cussing then it would run just to get away form me.
I sure would like to have a few minutes with it out back behind the wood shed.

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