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Default Re: Anyone tried this wider port China Girl?

Originally Posted by Nashville Kat View Post
maurtis- I read your thread- interesting- but you never reported how it ran!

I would think the bigger intake and matched port would do quite a lot. Is it the newer 66 Speed carb?

Sounds like you are wanting better carburetion?

So yours has the wider spacing but still the smaller motor mounts?
Thanks for the reminder Kat, I hate it when people do not update their threads! Whoops... I went ahead and wrote a quick update. The motor is running great, but only have about 400 miles on her since I do not ride as much as I would like.

I have the regular NT carb that came with the kit. The carburetion right now is pretty good, throttle response is good, only four strokes at WOT right after start up, idles well. The only reason I would want to go with a different setup is more power. And I saw a video of someone running the RT and it idled REALLY low, which was crazy... Since she is running well now, though, that will be a while. For once, I am tired of tinkering every weekend! I will certainly try just a new shorty manifold first, though.

So of course, the plans for the weekend are to install a centrifugal clutch... wait, what? Didn't I just say I was tired of tinkering? Yeah...

We also just picked up a Thunder Kart for my son that has been sitting outside for about a decade, so trying to bring that back to life. I keep eyeballing that 5HP Briggs. Something tells me an HT powered go kart would not run very well...

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