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Default Re: How do you detect air leaks?

Originally Posted by Cr9ck View Post
I put some on but I didn't clean it. It seems to be working?

Now my problem is the head gasket I think. Its right below the spark plug and 4 bolts/nuts. Its leaking out gas/oil. Do I just tighten the bolts?
i dont know what the torque specs for that is. perhaps, what i'm going to suggest next will send shivers down the spines of some MB'rs, but when that happens and the nuts/bolts are already tight, i use a flathead screwdriver and stuff JB-Weld in the crack. the JB will NOT be a problem later on, if you have to remove the head. it gets brittle and flakes off without much trouble.

right, wrong, whatever. it works for me.
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You are one sick man spun, I like that quality in a person.
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