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Default Hiding Electronics on a Felt Canvas (Work in Progress)


After putting the bike together I am now starting to tackle the aesthetics of the electronics and wiring.

I already used the brake noodle trick on the clutch cable to redirect it past the carb, where it can meet up with the throttle cable. They are currently zip tied together, but I will be shrink wrapping them when I get to it.

I decided to move the CDI and wiring to underneath the engine, where it will be mostly out of the way.

To start I went to the local auto parts store and picked up one relatively long spark plug wire with nice rubbery boot, for like $7. The one I got has a carbon core but seems to work fine.

I zip tied the CDI to the frame and after fitting the new (longer and higher quality) plug wire to the CDI, then zip tied the plug wire to the chain guard. I need to deal with the exposed wires, but ran out of time for today.

Here are some before and after pics... The fender was just in place to see how it it would look, but is not currently installed.

More to come...Any suggestions more than welcome!
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