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Arrow Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Ziptying a neon-colored foam swimming noodle is good for visibility and declaring your space (make sure it is wider than your elbow extends! I was clipped by an SUV years ago, as the mirror busted on my elbow. I wasn't using a pool noodle then, just t-shirt and lights)

If you don't like the clamp, can I have it if you get something else?

Here is the kind that works with motor bikes. (beside the kind that clamps on the seatpost)
(about $20, fits in any square or round pipe about 7/8" or 1" for trailer tongue)

Here is more info and parts numbers. You can find these at your LBS or on AMazon and Ebay. (small aluminum bracket that fits on QR or bolt-on axle, hard rubber/silicone ball joint, hitch pin)

Originally Posted by CTripps View Post
I can't recall the details, exactly. We got it second-hand for less than $30. I think the kid-compartment was by Axiom, the frame might have been by Norco. There wasn't a lot of info online about it when we googled it after we got it. It was a 2-seat nylon sling contraption that had seen better days and was about to fall apart (the nylon that is... left in the sunlight too often, I think).
We used a piece of 3/4" plywood for the deck, it's had several coats of varnish to seal it. It's secured to the frame with conduit holders and 3/4" #8 screws, with a bit of high-density rubber between the brackets and the frame itself. The sides are folded down in the pic, they flip up and lock in to bring the height to around three feet. There are a couple of removable crossbars that give it rigidity when unfolded.
I'm not happy with the connection it uses to the bike (a clamp for the chainstay, not a lot of clearance to the drive sprocket) so I'm probably going to redesign that to use a bracket on the bike and a hitch-pin at some point. Beyond that, all it really needs is some kind of reflectors or rear lighting. We're going to put a kid's bike flag on the left rear corner for sure to make the drivers more aware of where the back end is.
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