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Default Re: Motorized black mamba roadster project in Kenya

Went to the local bicycle repairman and worked on the engine today.

Was hoping to drive home on it but had to pedal...the engine won't run yet.

Have installed the back sprocket, cdi, carburetor, throttle handle, clutch handle etc.

When putting on the chain I still had to press the clutch lever to get the drive sprocket to turn.

Later in the process we tried to start the engine and nothing, also no spark as far as I could see. I then took off the drive gear cover and now when trying to put it back together the cover won't fit anymore. It seems that suddenly the bucking bar won't move in any further. There is a ball bearing but I can't seem to get that out.

Have searched the forum for the solution but can't find it. First I have to get the drive gear cover back on, then I can go forward and try to start the engine again. I hope someone has the answer to my dilemma.

With the drive gear cover off I was able to bicycle like usual and I drove the 7 km home just by pedaling.
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