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Default Re: what I must know for building

Hello and thank you all. I do not know why, but I didnt recieved any new notification so I didnt came over here.

After studing and thinking, and asking a lot of people here (vendors, not users) i have decided to buy honda gx50 kit, and now I am looking where to do it. I have not searched too much, but i cant find any honda kit in ebay. I will thank you if you can suggestme a vendor.

I decided not using the GX35 because I must buy the hole weed eater (around u$s600 here) and the kit is cheaper than that.

I found a 4 stroke huasheng here in "La Plata" (Buenos Aires) but they are crazy and want to sell me the kit u$s780! In ebay the huasheng is (with shipping) in u$s319, and if I pay the importation rights it doesnt cost more than u$s380.

And is a HUGE difference.

I want to use a beach bike frame, and made something between the ducatti cucciolo and a 1920 racing motorcycle. I will call it "Licha" o "La Licha" in honor to my grandmother (she was amazing, an incredible woman).

I think that buy the complete kit is better than build it myself because I think that there is too much posibilities of making a bad work (I had no experience in this area). I will moun it myself, and will study the kit, but, I prefer to buy something ready to mount.

Thank you all again. Now I will start the search of the GHX50 kit.


BTW: I insist: if somebody needs a website and want to payme with a kit, I think that would be great, because somebody can win a webiste, and for me will bi more easy (there is a lot of goverment restrictions to buy dollars in my country).
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