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Question Re: Oil EVERYWHERE!

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
Hey now! That means that I was cheated! My HuaSheng only has a little black plastic cap that has no dip stick. It is a PITA to thread back into the hole too.

I fill my HuaSheng with oil until it starts to come back out of the fill hole. Then I let it sit there for a while until it stops drooling all over the place.
While my technique may be a bit oddball, this provides the correct oil level per the owner's manual.
Then I mess with the filler cap and curse at it until it threads in smoothly and tighten it down. I clean up the drool mess with brake cleaner.
Oil currently used for break in is HondaPro GN4 10w40

I never have had any blow back issues yet, though I cannot get the engine to spin any faster than 6500 RPM or thereabouts, as measured with a TrailTech TTO tachometer.

Is there a baffle or similar device that is supposed to separate the oil from the air or is it just a device to prevent oil from being slung into the vent tube hole? Is this something that could be normal in my engine but installed wrong by the factory, or somehow became dislocated in Mr. Minecraft's engine?
Yes, there is a little reed valve and baffles that should keep most of the crankcase pressure oil free by the time it reaches the breather tube. Sounds like over fillment of oil too me.....
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