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Default Re: WOW ! I thought I was on my own...

Originally Posted by Ludwig II View Post
We have a mutual acquaintance, John Sidecar Hosker. Small world.

It will be just my luck to get the pedantic sod, so I'll see about getting some sort of dyno printout.

I talked to some minimoto boys at the w/e, restricting is easy enough. Small carb and teeny weeny tail pipe on the silencer. Also found that a Talon 6 bolt dished sprocket looks remarkably close to the hole spacings on a disc brake hub. Useful.

What did you use to get main and dip beams, or didn't they bother with that?
The name does'nt ring a bell tho its possable as I have a bike an sidecar also, I'll advise you to do what I never (but wish I did) buy / borrow / download the MSVA regs, I still havent read them but when mine was getting tested he said mopeds only need a dip ! I had fitted a hi / lo so they both had to work and conform.
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