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Default Re: Rock N Roll chain lube

Originally Posted by Goat Herder View Post
Except for perhaps first applying the Maxima Chain lube I don't get any splatter. I found that simply letting the stuff dry on the chain over night is perfect. Even came up with a way to use a old plastic store bag up against the chain when applying it whilst spraying from the straw.. I have to say that once a blue moon cleaning the chain up proper is indeed needed and always looks better but I rarely do..

Shoot I go to the end of the drive way with a running garden hose and an old paint brush dipped in gasoline cleans up good. That of course has to dry real good. Then I put the M. back on and go to bed so to speak . If I stray from that I get splatter off that chain big time every time. Other wise the bike stays clean enough for me to eat off of for the most part.
I think the Maxima, which is called chain wax, lives up to it's name. It works pretty good. It works about as good as any of the premium motorcycle chain lubes. In other words it's the good stuff. But it also has drawbacks that I don't like. All the premium chain lubes have something about them that's not great. PJ 1 flys off a lot. The chain wax is only a little better. The chain wax goes on nasty looking. When it dries it's waxy, and attracts dirt like a magnet. It's a little bit more time consuming to maintenance.

It's main advantage is the same as everyone elses. It lubes the chain pretty good, and lasts a while. Some of them splatter more. Some of them look cleaner. You just decide which devil you can live with best.

This new stuff might be something different than we're used too. I'm fixing to find out, I just replaced my chain, and I'm going to use this stuff till I find out how well it works.
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