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Default Re: Rock N Roll chain lube

I'm putting this lube to the test. We'll see as time goes by, just how effective RNR Gold chain lube really is.

I just installed a brand new KMC 415 chain from Pirate Cycle. Both my sprockets are in good condition. I applied the chain lube wet, dripping wet. Then I wiped it all off. Then I made sure the chain was adjusted properly. Next I went on a 15 mile ride.

Now the chain is a little looser than before I left, but that's normal for a new chain. After the chain breaks in, I haven't had to adjust it very often. The Atomic BB has been so dependable it's maintenance gets neglected a little. Since it has over 2000 miles on it, I'm pretty aware of the chain maintenance demands. The chain I just took off was the original.

We'll see, as time goes by just how effective RNR Gold chain lube really is. I'm thinking it works pretty good based on the first 2 oz of the stuff I've used so far, but this time I'm starting with a new chain.
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