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Default Re: MBA Motors Mortorized Mountain Bike Anyone?? HELP??? HELP.....

Originally Posted by NEAT TIMES View Post

I was thinking you have a 43cc, my bad. It looks like your muffler has melted the plastic shroud, maybe it is restricted?

The opti 2 oil will help more than it would hurt and no smoke.

Could you take the light weight metal cover of the motor box so we can see the primary belt system with more pics.

Slipping could be your problem. Does your motor speed up (rpm) or slow down when going up hills, or just the bike slows down?? Belts don`t last long when slipping! They should have a belt adjustment under the cover.

V belts grip with their sides (wedge effect) when they get wore too much, the belt rides in the bottom of the pulley and have very little side grip. Pulley`s also wear out, even the big cast iron pulleys on my stump grinding machines.

New belts are cheap at Auto-Zone etc. Spring belt tensioners are great and better for the system. They are self adjusting when set up correctly and trouble free, no more belt slippage.

Found pic`s of the scooter exhaust but my snipping tool was not working, now today it`s ok!!??

When you get it sorted out, your machine should be top shelf. Don`t give up!

Here you go.

i hope this helps.

I CANT BELIEVE NOBODY has this bike....nowhere!!

i took the drive belt off, going to replace it today. I hope its just needing
a new belt...but i dumb with this stuff.
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