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Default Re: Starting from 0, need some advice

Originally Posted by Pilotgeek View Post
If you use that Roadmaster Granite Peak frame, it will be a tight fit. My bike has almost that same frame, so I can at least say a bit about that one. If you look at the photo of it, the top tube is pretty low near the seat. I needed to use a slant head, as a straight head puts the spark plug too close to the top tube. I also had to offset my carburetor a bit. You will also need an adapter to fit the wide down tube. However, the large frame would give it durability, and having front shocks is extremely nice.

The Glacier Point Magna may be an easier install, as it looks like the down tube is a narrow one, and there's plenty of space. I doubt you would need anything special to make an engine fit that frame.

If you do decide to buy a cheap department store bicycle, inspect it before you buy it. Make sure all welds look good, check for defects, and after you buy it, go through and adjust the brakes and possibly re-pack the wheel bearings with high-quality grease. A crash on a bicycle sucks enough at casual pedalling speed; it's even worse at 30mph with an engine, so you want to make sure nothing will fail.

As far as the engine, there shouldn't be a huge difference between the Mega Motors and the Flying Horse. The Flying Horse is EPA approved and comes from a different factory, but I think they're essentially the same engine. The Flying Horse may have the "new" CNSv2 carburetor, and the Mega Motors may come with the old style NT carburetor, but I cannot say for sure. If you're tight for cash, I don't see a reason why not to just go with the Mega Motors.

I have nothing but good things to say about Bike Berry. They always ship fast, and I've never had a problem with any of their parts. They forgot to send a part once in a large order, but a single email corrected it. If you end up having a problem with your engine, I'm sure they'll be helpful about returns or replacement parts.
The Magna Men's Glacier bike from Target looks to be the sure to fit winner. Here is a screenshot of the youtube video showing an 80cc engine with straight mounted plug fitting near perfect on this frame.

I do plan to install disk brakes and a few other little mods to prevent any major failures and to make it more road legal.

Originally Posted by Nashville Kat View Post
If it were me...

I might go with the Wal-Mart $99 fixie- I think a bike with a freewheel is definitely an easier build- freewheel and with handbrakes. You could put the motor sprock on the fixie side. I'm not sure what the frame clearances would be.

You also then have 700c wheels to start with, which roll great and weigh less- any frame with cantelevers sorta locks you into that wheeelsize, unless you buy different brakes for it- I have two cruisers built with 700c and 27" wheels respectively- 700's a a little more compatible with 26" frames- and give you the most options. Anyway, cruiser frames give you the most wheel stay clearances and also a longer top tube for the tank- the modern frames are quite lightweight. The mountain bikes and the fixie might cramp pedalling with the tank a bit.

Anything with wide tires may need to have to be changed over in the back, if the motor chain isn't clearing the tire.

Motors now come often with a large mount cast on the front- if you get a frame with any oversized tubes, I'd DEFINITELY be trying to get a large built in motor mount - Boygofast on ebay has a lot of them- but be sure to ask with any vendor- I've had good luck there and his prices are lowest- query with questions tho- his site descriptions are minimal-

No experience with CNS carbs- the newer NT 66 Speed carbs work well and reliably- and that's what I have.

A smaller motor sprocket will run faster and vibrate less with fewer revs- I'm not sure what kind of options are out there between kits- but don't get anything OVER 44 teeth- usually still about the "too-big-norm" I think- although I got a 50 kit from boygofast a couple years back with a 41- that's more the neighborhood, although I don't know why they don't just make that an even 40. It was much lighter than a previous kit 44 I started with. 36 is a really good size, if you won't be riding major climbs all the time. I've got 34's in flat Florida.
The Fixie doesn't look like a bad bike however I want to build my design on a mountain bike frame. Reason being the town I go to school in has horrible sidewalks and I do want to still use my bike in rain or wet conditions.

Originally Posted by ddesens View Post
I have built 2 of the walmart fixie bikes. I would recomend it. The motor will bolt directly to the frame with no modifications. Just get a motor kit from boygofast with the small front mount. He usually has the best prices on ebay, many times with free shipping. You can mount the rear sprocket directly to the fixie sprocket.The bolt holes line up perfectly. The only modification needed is to open the center hole of the kit sprocket to fit over the hub. I use a hole saw for my drill. Since this bike has front and rear hand brakes, I purchased a dual pull brake lever at the same time I purchased the engine. (about $13). I can help you with the install if you decide on this bike. --Dave
P.S.--some pics of the fixie can be seen in my profile.
I would assume mounting it as you are saying would make the bike unable to be pedaled correct?

Also where did you purchase the dual brake lever? I've been trying to find one for awhile, found about every other possible design for the brake lever except that.

Originally Posted by The_Aleman View Post
1-5 mile commute? Heck, I'd just pedal that. But that's me, I've pedaled a lot more than that for a commute; gotten a lot older since too lol

I'd recommend a cheap 4-stroke kit just because it's reliability can be counted on.
Friction drive or not it'll save gas, can fill up anywhere quickly, and unseen problems with such engines are unlikely.
Such short distances are also compatible with an electric setup. It costs more up front but that commute distance is perfect for it.

Just my opinion.
I have nothing against good old riding, but I don't want to arrive to class sweaty and gross on a hot day. Not to mention the condition of the sidewalks in my town in far from safe to be riding on, I'd rather stick to the road near the curb and just be able to cruise down the street.

I should probably also mention I am going to school for Manufacturing Engineering and have full use of mills, lathes, CNC Mills/Lathes, wire EDM, etc etc. So if it needs built, I should be able to do it myself for small fixes and adjustments.

Originally Posted by DTFuqua View Post
Have you thought about looking on craigslist for a cheap one. My Schwinn only cost me $30.
I looked there first, lowest I could find was $60 and idk if the engine would fit. I'd rather pay the little extra here for one I know fits.

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