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Default Re: You guys are nice, I'm not..

I belong to alot of the RC forums, John Deere Garden Tractor forums, Motorbike forums, Catfishing and boating forums, etc. etc. As long as someone is talking about any one of those subjects....I personally don't care how many times the same question gets asked or how pointless some questions may seem. I am happy to talk shop with any vets or newbs about any one of those subjects. All the forums I visit have the same 10,000 threads about which oil to use or which is the best this or the best that? don't bother me none! I am just glad there are folks out there who are enjoying the same hobby I do. The more folks who become involved with motorized bikes = more new products and cool stuff designed and built to feed those folks interest. I still believe in the old saying that "the only stupid question is the one not asked."
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