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Default Where to get parts REALLY CHEAP!

About a month ago I was looking for metal pieces to make motor mounts with.
I found the perfect pieces of metal.
Then I found piles of bikes and bike parts.

Where is this place?

It's a metal scrap yard.

I got a rear shock absorber spring for my regular full suspension mountain bike, practically new! I found the Kranked full suspension bike frame an employee there had stashed. (He reluctantly insisted it was fine, I could take it. (I am the customer) ) That was $5.00.
I left there a couple times with a few pieces of scrap they let me have free of charge!
Metal scrap yards, a great place to get metal, and bicycle parts @ 20 cents a pound.
The annoying part though is that employee, the one that watched me like a hawk lest I get the parts he wants.
He claims to build bikes for poor kids from the poor part of town (get out the violin), but really, I think he builds and sells.
I wasn't born that day.
So yeah, I had to deal with that, me the customer.
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