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Default Re: Starting from 0, need some advice

If it were me...

I might go with the Wal-Mart $99 fixie- I think a bike with a freewheel is definitely an easier build- freewheel and with handbrakes. You could put the motor sprock on the fixie side. I'm not sure what the frame clearances would be.

You also then have 700c wheels to start with, which roll great and weigh less- any frame with cantelevers sorta locks you into that wheeelsize, unless you buy different brakes for it- I have two cruisers built with 700c and 27" wheels respectively- 700's a a little more compatible with 26" frames- and give you the most options. Anyway, cruiser frames give you the most wheel stay clearances and also a longer top tube for the tank- the modern frames are quite lightweight. The mountain bikes and the fixie might cramp pedalling with the tank a bit.

Anything with wide tires may need to have to be changed over in the back, if the motor chain isn't clearing the tire.

Motors now come often with a large mount cast on the front- if you get a frame with any oversized tubes, I'd DEFINITELY be trying to get a large built in motor mount - Boygofast on ebay has a lot of them- but be sure to ask with any vendor- I've had good luck there and his prices are lowest- query with questions tho- his site descriptions are minimal-

No experience with CNS carbs- the newer NT 66 Speed carbs work well and reliably- and that's what I have.

A smaller motor sprocket will run faster and vibrate less with fewer revs- I'm not sure what kind of options are out there between kits- but don't get anything OVER 44 teeth- usually still about the "too-big-norm" I think- although I got a 50 kit from boygofast a couple years back with a 41- that's more the neighborhood, although I don't know why they don't just make that an even 40. It was much lighter than a previous kit 44 I started with. 36 is a really good size, if you won't be riding major climbs all the time. I've got 34's in flat Florida.

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