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Default Re: Rock N Roll chain lube

I may have to look into that. The fact that it doesn't splatter up onto the rim is a huge plus if you have rim brakes. I always have to just clean them off after rides. The website claims that it actually cleans the chain, by forcing foreign matter to the surface of the chain to fly off. That would certainly extend chain life. Then again, I can buy an awful lot of bar and chain oil for $10, though not having to clean the chain as often would be nice.

Also, you adjust your tensioner that much? If I keep mine too tight, no matter what, it always pulls to about 7/8" - 1" slack. I cannot keep it tighter, it will always loosen to that point and then stop, so that's where I keep it. It runs free, has never jumped off once since I built it, and puts less wear on the chain.
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