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Default Rock N Roll chain lube

Normally I buy chain lube at the motorcycle shop. Last time was PJ 1 Black label. I didn't like the PJ 1 very much. It splatters, and I have to adjust the tensioner a lot. Doesn't seem like it's doing that good a job, and it's nasty black looking stuff on the chain.

Before that I was using Maxima Chain Wax. it worked a little better than the PJ 1, but made the chain look nasty, and waxey.

So I happen to be in a bicycle shop one day about 6 weeks ago. Since I don't like the chain lube I'm using, I'm looking. i never bought chain lube at a bicycle shop before. I see 3 different color bottles of fancy looking chain lube. It must be fancy because it's in a tiny bottle.

The sign says, The King of Lubes. It says that on the bottle. The name of the company that makes this stuff is Rock N Roll Lubrication. It comes in 3 flavors. EXTREME, ABSOLUTE DRY, and GOLD. The gold is the top.

The bicycle shop sales babe recommends the Gold to me. She knew it was for my MB, and she thinks out of the 3, it's the best for me. Does she even know what a motorized bicycle is? I dono, but she's cute, so I decided to try something different.

So the claim is this stuff is different, and in fact not even oil. It's flammable. It cost $10 for 4 oz, but it's Gold, or is it?

The instructions say to apply the lube liberally, and wet the chain, letting the lube wash itself into the chain. Then get a rag and wipe the excess lube off the chain.

What I've noticed after a little over a month, is this stuff is the best chain lube I've used on my MB.

After applying it, it seems to last a long time. It doesn't splatter on the rim. I mean it really doesn't fly off the chain at all. All of a sudden I don't have to adjust the tensioner as often. After a long 30 mile ride, I can't see much difference in the chain adjustment. I've only adjusted the chain 3 times since I started using it 6 weeks ago.

Considering how good it works I think it's worth the $10.
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